Dr. Laura A. Millar - "Truth, Lies, and Evidence: The Role of the Archivist in an Information Age"

02 Nov 2022 2:29 PM | Digital Initiatives, AMA (Administrator)

On October 25th, Dr. Laura A. Millar delivered a talk entitled "Truth, Lies, and Evidence: The Role of the Archivist in an Information Age". The talk was held as a hybrid event with over 100 attendees joining by Zoom and a dozen more attending in person at the University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections. Dr. Millar spoke on archivists' roles in the modern era and how archivists could define these roles going forward. Afterwards, Dr. Millar responded to several questions and comments from the attendees.

Dr. Millar has graciously shared her presentation notes, which can be found here. Please note that this version of the notes has been edited to remove any third-party images, to protect third-party IP or other rights. The author has made this text available for research or personal use only.

Special thanks to Dr. Millar for the fantastic talk, the University of Manitoba for hosting the event, Dr. Greg Bak and Al Thorleifson for organizing the event, Katie Lynch for serving as MC, other AMA volunteers for technical support and advertising, and all the attendees who were able to make it. 
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