AMA Newsletter - June 2022

24 Jun 2022 1:16 PM | Digital Initiatives, AMA (Administrator)

A digital version of this newsletter can be found here.

Message from the Chair

Summer is here and the AMA is continuing its work.  Representatives of the eight Provincial Heritage Agencies had the opportunity to meet with Andrew Smith, Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage. The agencies were able to express their concerns about provincial funding for the future and the agencies’ abilities to provide services to the community. The discussion was productive and we hope that we will be able to provide updates in the near future.

-Andrew Morrison, Chair of the Association for Manitoba Archives

Committee Reports

Digital Initiatives: The Committee is looking to revamp the event registration process on the website. Stay tuned for updates!

Education and Advisory Services: We are currently restructuring Advisory Services. If you need assistance from Advisory Services, please email us at

Finance and Grants: During the month of May we received $381.00 in donations to the Association for Manitoba Archives. We also collected $2631.46 in membership fees over the month. Expenses included Manitoba Day Awards catering and certificates for approximately $660.00. In total through our accounts, we currently have $111,148.83, including our savings.

Indigenous Relations: June is Indigenous History Month. Check out the updated Resource list on our website

Information and Outreach: The committee members are maintaining the AMA's social media accounts, as well as assisting with Advisory Services enquiries.

Membership Committee: We are working on a number of small projects with the goal of simplifying membership application, renewal, and accreditation with the goal to ultimately grow membership and better serve our members. We are reviewing current application forms and processes in order to streamline the process and upgrade to online forms. We plan to make these forms also be printable for those members who prefer to pay by cheque. We have undertaken a comprehensive review of the accreditation process to determine how we will proceed. This review will help us decide if we will continue with the accreditation program and what it will look like going forward. We will be analyzing the current process through the lens of accessibility, effectiveness, and practical application. Stay tuned for further information. We are also reviewing lists of current and past members to guide membership growth.

Special Initiatives Member-at-Large: The AMA wants to extend our appreciation and best wishes to Brian Hubner who is stepping down from his position as Special Initiatives Member-at-Large. We are especially grateful for all the hours he donated to encourage Manitoba Day Award nominations, standardize processes, work with other judges, and keep track of details too numerous to mention.

We will be looking for Brian’s replacement on the Board in the fall. If you are interested, please contact Andrew Morrison or Terry Reilly through the email address.

Student Member-at-Large: Students interested in volunteering with the AMA can send an email to or reach out to us on our social media.

Special Announcements

News from our members

Pembina Manitou Archive: This summer, the Pembina Manitou Archive will continue its partnership with the Boundary Trail Heritage Region.  The project emphasis will be on identifying archival collections within local museums, reviewing their preservation status, and encouraging the museum owners of these collections to ensure their public access. For more information about the Pembina Manitou Archive, visit

Manitoba Indigenous Tuberculosis History Project launches website

On 21 June 2022, Indigenous Peoples Day, the Manitoba Indigenous Tuberculosis History Project (MITHP) launched their website 

Website features:

  • Histories of TB sanatoriums and Indian hospitals in Manitoba
  • A searchable database of historical photos of Indigenous patients and staff in Manitoba TB hospitals
  • Digitized and searchable historical publications of the Sanatorium Board of Manitoba
  • The Missing Patients Initiative Online Research Guide: An online guide to support families of patients doing their own research to locate missing patients and burial sites
  • Publications, videos and podcasts by the MITHP team members, and a curated bibliography of books, articles, documentaries, podcasts, and government reports about Indigenous TB history in Canada
  • Updates on project research and upcoming events

Photo of the Month

June’s photo comes from the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections.

A photograph of a crowd of people gathered at Grand Beach on Lake Winnipeg to watch Kathie McIntosh attempt to swim across the lake. After swimming for 16 hours and 42 minutes, Kathie was the first person to swim Lake Winnipeg. This black-and-white photograph was taken August 15, 1955 and is part of the Winnipeg Tribune Personalities Collection at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections.

If you would like to feature a photo from your archives, please submit a photograph along with a sentence or two describing the records, to  We would love to showcase the collections from local institutions!

Call for Volunteers

We are always looking for members to join our committees. Volunteering with the AMA is an excellent way to network with archivists, build skills, and shape the future of archives in Manitoba. If you are interested, please contact the Chair, or a committee chair, at one of the email addresses listed on this page 

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