Membership/Accreditation Committee 

The Membership/Accreditation Committee consists of the Chair and at least two other members.  

The Membership/Accreditation Committee is responsible for:

  • Advising the Board on matters relating to the membership of the Association, promoting the Association to prospective members, approving applications for membership within the different membership categories and making recommendations to the Board on alterations to the membership categories and dues
  • Coordinating, administering and facilitating the AMA’s membership by overseeing and implementing accreditation standards for archival institutions in Manitoba
  • Providing essential institutional membership information to members of the AMA
  • Liaising with other committees to further the aim of the AMA to establish minimum standards for archives and/or promote the benefits of membership

What does this mean in terms of workload:

  • Assessing all new institutional membership applications throughout the year to ensure the applicant meets basic minimum standards for archives at two yearly intake dates 
  • With the assistance of other members of the Board, organizing scheduled meetings with institutions
  • Reassessing institutional members to ensure they continue to meet the basic minimum standard for archives every five (5) years
  • Administering the Lifetime Service Award

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