Management Committee

The Management Committee is comprised of the Chair of the Board, the Chair of Finance & Grants Committee, and at least one other Board member.  Whenever possible the past chair is also a member of the Management Committee.  

Management Committee is responsible for:

  • Establishing overall long and short term goals, objectives and priorities for the AMA in order to meet the needs of the community
  • Working with AMA staff to ensure the ongoing operation of the AMA

What this means in terms of workload:

  • Monitor the effectiveness of all Board committees and provide leadership and guidance as needed
  • Monitor all existing programs
  • Oversee and review the effectiveness of all AMA working groups
  • Make recommendations to the rest of the Board on the operation and management of the AMA
  • Manage any projects or events required by the Province of Manitoba as part of the AMA’s Provincial Heritage Agency grants, including the Joint Promotion Project
  • Determine the slate of officers for election at the AGM as well as members for each Board committee (in cooperation with Board members)
  • Administer the AMA Thesis of Distinction award 
  • Administer the Award of Recognition
  • Oversee  the Administrative Assistant and AMA office operations
  • Organize and co-ordinate the AGM and other events as needed

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