History of the Association for Manitoba Archives (AMA)

The Association for Manitoba Archives was created in 1992 to merge the major programs and services of its predecessors, the Association of Manitoba Archivists (founded in 1980) and the Manitoba Council of Archives. This merger occurred shortly after the Association of Manitoba Archivists' and Manitoba Council of Archives' joint publication of Plan 2000: The Manitoba Archival Community in the 1990s in March 1991. This publication came about as a result of the 1988 Manitoba Archival Needs Assessment Study, The Past Is Present.

In 1992, the AMA’s mandate was to preserve the documentary legacy of the people and institutions of the Province of Manitoba by improving the administration, effectiveness and efficiency of the Province’s archival system through promoting high standards, procedures and practices in the establishment and maintenance of archives; allocating resources, grants and services in order to fulfill the foregoing; and educating the public about the role and use of archives.

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