Finance & Grants Committee

The Finance & Grants Committee consists of the Chair and at least two other members.  

The Finance & Grants Committee is responsible for:

  • Securing adequate funding for the Association to carry out its training and programming activities by ensuring the Association fulfils all of its contractual obligations with the Province of Manitoba and any other funding agencies
  • Advising the Board on matters relating to the finances of the Association and assisting the Board in the supervision of staff
  • Advising the Board on matters relating to the allocation of grants to recognized individuals and institutions and the establishment of criteria to determine such allocations, when applicable

What does this mean in terms of workload:

  • Completing the Association’s annual Provincial Heritage Agency (PHA) grant submissions and reviews
  • Working with the AMA Office to ensure the completion of the Association’s annual audit
  • Exploring fund development opportunities for the Association, which may include the private sector, other organizations and foundations, or the Association’s membership
  • In cooperation with other Board Committees, facilitating any projects or events required by the Province of Manitoba as part of the AMA’s Provincial Heritage Agency grant 
  • Administering the Memorial Fund

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