Technology Working Group

The Technology Working Group (TWG) is a standing working group consisting of the Chair and at least two other members.  

The TWG is responsible for:

  •   Developing and maintaining the Manitoba Archival Information Network (MAIN) as well as the Association for     Manitoba Archives website
  •   Acting as liaison between the AMA and the University of Manitoba on matters related to AtoM technology     support
  •   Ensuring quality of data (published descriptions, authority records, digital objects, etc.) in MAIN
  •   Researching and developing technology for the benefit of AMA members

What does this mean in terms of workload:

  • Receiving reports from the Chair of the Management Committee on decisions made by the Board related to AtoM, MAIN and the AMA website
  • Making recommendations to Management Committee on the design, development and customization of AtoM, MAIN and the AMA website
  • Shepherding AtoM customizations and changes by Artefactual Systems on behalf of the membership of the AMA
  • Providing guidance and assistance to AMA members regarding the use of AtoM
  • Researching and developing for the Board's approval other uses of technology for the benefit of AMA members
  • Providing AtoM training sessions when requested by the Board of Directors

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